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Manage all your clients and programs from just one system. No more looking for emails, notes, or messages.

My BI Coach

Behavior Intelligence focused coaching.

The Complete Coaching App

A system to manage all your coaching programs using Program-Templates with the added ability to customize them for each client. Keeping track of their goals and associated homework, as well as the coaching sessions held, associated notes and resources (PPT, Docs, PDFs, Whiteboards, etc).

All your programs, clients and communications easily accessible in one place.

Program Templates

Almost every coaching program you run has a start, middle and end. These are what we call program templates. They are your coaching session templates. When you use templates you can start clients easily and quickly because you don't have to figure out what's going to happen throughout the duration of the coaching with that client. Think of it like a cookie-cutter but with the added advantage that you can customize each program to that client's specific needs.

Tracking everything in one place

If you have been coaching for a while or just starting out, you already know how difficult it can be trying to find out what happened at a previous session, which tasks were completed and which ones are still outstanding. If you shared educational content, where did you put it? Did you whiteboard something, record a session, share additional notes, assign homework, etc. MyBICoach brings all that and much more to a single app which is your complete history log.

Is MyBICoach for you?

Built by coaches for coaches.

I ran a coaching firm for 10 years. I know first hand the pains of keeping  every coach on my team accountable to maintaining an accurate log of their coaching for themselves and for their clients.

In order to keep sight of the goals and ensure distractions from the goals are tracked or avoided.

Maintaining a tangible visual tracker where the client and the coach can not only see their progress towards their goals, they can also see which milestones are completed and celebrate these.

Nagui Bihelek
Nagui Bihelek
Behavior Intelligence is key

Underlying every coaching engagement are behaviours; yours and your client's.  MyBiCoach provides constant reminders to watch what you say and do.

Business Coaching

A business coach works with both the human factors of running a successful business as well as the acumen of building an operationally effective one.

Executive Coaching

Leadership is a behavior that is fraught with blindspots, triggers and often inappropriate responses. To keep these in check requires regular tracking and accountability.

Sports and fitness coaching

The mindset and discipline to perform and practice regularly to achieve one’s best.

Every coaching

No matter if it is sales coaching, marketing, or cooking. Every coach needs to stay on top of their own game and demonstrate the same disciplines expected of their coaching clients.

Packed with

Features you'll love

Easy to use

Beautiful professional design that is also easy to use. Login to access all your clients in one place. Safe and secure. We've taken every effort to apply the best security to ensure all your content is only visible to you.

  • Register clients
  • Set up templates
  • Assign to each client

Simple process

No more searching for emails, documents, or coaching related resources. You just set up your clients, assign them the relevant coaching template, customize it as needed and you're all set.

Additional Programs templates

Build your own programs and use them as many times as you want with as many clients as you want. Your subscription allows you to decide. And if you want more, we have 100's more program templates in the works. We'll even give you free ones to tailor for yourself.

  • Agree on program goals
  • Coach to those goals
  • Track assigned homework

Maintain focus on the goals

Keep your client and your coaching focused on the outcome. Each program allows you to manage the program objectives - the goals and outcomes they want to realize during the program. Track progress by assigning homework to each of these objectives and track their progress according to completed tasks. Never lose sight of their goals, because they are right in front of you at every session.

Retain clients longer and gain more referrals.

Integrated resources

Keep your resources safe on your own private repository. Whether you are using Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive, your data is your own and it's under your control. You decide which resources you can access in the system, and which of these you want to make available to your clients.

Integration as easy as 1-2-3.

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Founder Nagui Bihelek

As a business entrepreneur, consultant, innovator and coach Nagui has led the development of a number of world 1st technology solutions.

As a Master Coach, Trainer, Coaching Firm founder and owner he has been at the forefront of Business Coaching and the development of the premier coaching platform for leaders and coaches.

His engineering foundation allowed him to complete the research and development of the first Neural-Mapping Assessment to expose our unconscious behaviors so we can quickly navigate and transform our limiting beliefs and blind spots.

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Is this FREE forever?

Yes. When you register today you get free access to all the functionality current and future ones FREE forever.

What's the catch?

No catch. As this is a new product launch, we are looking for early adopters, like yourself, to help us iron out the functionality and identify important features we may have missed. All we ask is you help us by reporting any bugs or quirks you find, and give us constructive feedback.

Are there limitations?

We've made every effort to provide you with all the functionality you need for your coaching practice regardless of your industry and focus. However, it is not limitless. Your success is our success. The system comes with just one limitation, the number of programs and clients are limited to 2 and 3 respectively.

How do I increase my limit of programs and clients?

Just email us and we'll do our best to assist you. In 2022 we expect to offer a Lifetime unlimited subscription which you will find extremely reasonable. 

Thank you for your support in this early release.